Niki Shah

By: Shah | August 19, 2019

Micheal Kors  is becoming Favorites to many and with so many trendy and practical styles that don't break the bank, it is so obvious this was meant to happen. I personally love the brand, they have managed to keep their collection up to the trend every season.

I do love their outfits but I don’t own many outfits from the brand , but yes I do have lots of Hand bags from Michel Kors . And here is why,

MK bags do retain for very long, and are very easy to manage .

They always have huge collection every season , you can every season fall in love with a new handbag. ( I can never get out of that store without buying something and have purchased four MK bags in one single trip as well !)

Very reasonably priced, the bags are very compatible ...

By: Shah | October 04, 2017

Most Important thing about shopping is location, location and location and that makes Dubai my most favourite place for shopping in the world.

Dubai is truly a shopper’s paradise with a plethora of options offering you every aspect of Luxury and Art. People from various parts of the globe, visit Dubai , hop on a plane and flock here to shop for gold, diamonds, perfumes, shoes, luxury items, electronics, designer labels, carpets and spices. You can either venture out to its large opulent shopping malls or visit the souqs, any which way you are sure to be captivated by the delightful aura of Luxury.Dubai is a center of multicultural buzz, storefronts are as varied as the people who visit them, with malls bearing stores from all over the world,...