Niki Shah DUBAI

By: Shah | November 27, 2017

Your guide to good skin. 'Winter' the most difficult season for the skin is here and my inbox is filled with hundreds of queries for make up and skin care products.

Yes the market these days have really good makeup but unless your skin is not prepared ,the cosmetics can not give you their fullest result. So prepare your skin from with in with a help og expertise and expert products. I recently got a facial done nassimaroyalhotel s spa using my current most loved brand miladopiz_uae .I not only enjoyed the over the top pampering at Zen spa my skin also felt its best . I highly recommend facial from to you all. 

By: Shah | October 01, 2017

Mila d’Opiz is an award-winning Swiss skincare company that uses the most cutting edge and up-to-date ingredients. Their wealth of experience in manufacturing skincare products, along with a pioneering Research and Development department, ensures the finest quality products with a proven track record of effective results. Mila d’Opiz has a wide range of products to suit any skin types, and with both retail and professional products available, it would be a fantastic addition to any beauty salon.

In 1994, Mila d’Opiz were the first skincare company to obtain the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard, and they continue to manufacture to this rigorous standard without any animal testing. In 2014, they won the "Beauty Oscar" for Most...