Niki Shah


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Dubai: The Ultimate Shopping Paradise..

Shopping Paradise

Dubai:Most Important thing about shopping is location, location and location and that makes Dubai my most favourite place for shopping in the world.



The Unspoken Island..

The Rock Restaurant

Zanzibar: I was once again ready for the Beach break and this time it was with a full gang , My girl gang. #7girls 1 island. Just kidding. That’s was just one of the many personal jokes we brought home back from our Girls Trip. Our trip was perfect from making Dos And Don’ts list to packing wardrobe theme wise to coordinating our luggage tags.



For the love of Dreamcatcher…

Dreamcatcher Decor

Wedding with a boho or gypsy flair just needs a couple of dreamcatchers for decor. So you ‘must have’ a dreamcatcher theme this wedding. Dreamcatchers are amazing to use as a backdrop, to hang them above your reception or tables, or put on the tables for decor, to make a seating chart or present them as gifts. Actually why not even have a Dreamcatcher themed Dholki or Mehendi Party, You can also have your altar or wedding backdrop made using a bunch of dreamcatchers or one giant one dangling above your heads like a dreamy chandelier..


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